a.k.a. Belle added to JOHN DOE show July 3rd @The Olympic

Super excited to announce a last minute show this weekend, supporting punk/alt folk legend John Doe (X, The Flesheaters, The Knitters) at The Olympic Venue in Boise!

This is not the first time we have crossed paths with John Doe - we were very honored to take part in a pilot documentary series called American Music several years ago, which was filmed in Boise, the theme of which was focused on 'small town' music communities.  As part of this documentary, a.k.a. Belle performed a few songs with John (as his backing band) and Catherine sang an acoustic duet with him, as well.  It was an amazing experience for us, especially Catherine, who will tell you that X was her favorite band back in the day (and probably still is now).

Here's a link to a promo for the pilot (which sadly was never aired), where you can see a.k.a. Belle's Sam and Catherine, as well as many other Boise artists who took part (Ali and Travis Ward from Hillfolk Noir; Curtis Stigers; Johnny Shoes and more!):


We are really looking forward to seeing John again and hope you'll join us!  

John Doe/Jesse Dayton/a.k.a. Belle
The Olympic Venue
Main Street


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