The Posies, "I Hear It Now" EP update

Last week our Catherine was asked to sing backing vocals with The Posies, a very high honor indeed, as the band are known for their perfect harmonies and cleverly written power pop songs.  

The Posies are currently finishing up a national tour, during which they played 'secret shows' - the locations were kept under wraps until 24 hours before the events,  and ended up being house shows, held in photography studios and other small, unique venues that held between 50 - 100 people.  (Boise's secret show was a house show, played to an intimate crowd of approximately 50 eager Posies fans.)  

Catherine sang two songs with them, "Licenses to Hide" and "The Glitter Prize," both tracks from The Posies "Blood Candy" LP - and had a great time meeting Ken Stringfellow, Jon Auer and their new drummer, Frankie Siragusa.

For more information on The Posies, please visit here:

We are edging closer to our EP release - the finishing touches are currently being put on the artwork, which we think is going to be amazing, since we enlisted the talents of Boise's Will Spearman to create a piece for the  "I Hear It Now" cover.  We will be having a special release party at The Record Exchange in early-mid June.  Stay tuned for the date and other details!


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