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Everyone I know is depressed, resistance is a stamina test, rise up, Wonders of the World.
In awe of stars, we soar through space, science can save the human race, believe what's proven to be true.
You can't predict where it will start - the rebels guard the national parks - hold on to the Wonders of the World
Everyone you loved was living on this world!
Reality show celebrities and grifters run democracy - hello, American hypocrisy!
And now the schools are battle grounds, thoughts and prayers won't help us now. Goodbye, Wonders of the World.
Machu Picchu, caribou, gibbons, lemurs, maybe me and you,
Polar bears, the Iberian lynx, the Everglades, the Barrier Reef,
the tropical rain forests of Sumatra and Madagascar are dying.
Our kids are dying. People of color, transgendered people are dying. Marginalized people are dying.
The only things that seem to be thriving are racism, division and inequality...and these are the things that we should be killing.
We are doomed by ignorance - we are doomed by greed. Everybody's doomed.

Everyone one you loved was living on this world.
In awe of stars, we soar through space.