New Highs in Leadership - new video!

Here's the new video for our latest release, "New Highs in Leadership!" It features friends and family, as well as some rad footage from public domain Kung Fu movies! It's a lot of fun (you might have to watch it twice), but it has a message, too! Let's hold the people we elect accountable for the things they say and do. We're tired of being shown how low we can go!


New Highs in Leadership - NEW SINGLE OUT 10/07/20

"New Highs in Leadership" is a message to younger folks who have seen firsthand how low politics can go - we encourage our youth to get involved with their communities, to seek truth, speak truth, and be better leaders than those who have come before.

We're tired of being shown how low we can go! Stop to lift us up when you get to the top!

All proceeds from download sales of "New Highs in Leadership" will benefit the Visual Arts Collective, in Boise, Idaho.

Remember, voting in local elections deserves as much consideration as the president. Many of the people in local positions have the power to make our world kinder or crueler, to continue to let people die or give them the resources to thrive.

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We're tired of being shown how low we can go. We want new highs in leadership! 

Looming at the Loom, from our newest album, Sagebrush Athenians. 
Making Sagebrush Athenians was a lot of hard work, but also a TON of fun (which included this video). You can grab your very own copy of Sagebrush Athenians here, in the meantime enjoy the video!

Aka Belle ride fiercely in a no mans land where intimate vocals mingle with wild guitar serenades and wrestle with beats of a by gone era. They are sultry, lively and unhinged, incorporating elements of rock n roll, beatnik jazz, and Americana.


New Release Coming March 22nd!

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