Mayday Micro Music Festival

Short & sweet review from our set at the Mayday Micro Music Festival, May 6th 2017 - as featured in BUMP Issue #2 June 2017

"a.k.a. Belle's self described "unhinged Americana" set was an affectionate, empowered and hope-inspiring call to resist" - BUMP magazine review of our performance at the Visual Arts Collective, a show which took place in May 2017

Alive After Five

A.k.a. Belle started the show off with lively, fun music they call “unhinged Americana,” incorporating elements of rock and jazz into their sound. Then Lindi Ortega, a country music artist from Nashville, Tennessee, began her set with a haunting song called “Murder of Crows.”  -- The Arbitor, Boise State University

Treefort 2013 Underdogs

Sunday’s Underdogs


Who:  a.k.a Belle


Where:  Pengilly’s Saloon (513 W. Main St., Boise, ID 83702)

When: Sunday, 10:00-10:40 p.m.

Ages for venue: 21+

Why: The band has a violin and a banjo, but it’s been said they rock out all the same.  They’ve even spent several years in England, and have songs titles like ‘The Devil Loves You’ (from their upcoming album).  -- The Arbitor, Boise State University




Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza 12/20/12

And the hits just kept on rolling. AKA Belle wished those dancing in the aisles a rock 'n' roll Christmas. Bill Coffey did his best Jackson Browne impression. Possum Livin got a bit rowdy with a stomping hymn. And, in possibly the best moment of the evening, Stigers auctioned off a house show for $3,000. That's right, Stigers plays house shows.  -- Boise Weekly

The Red Room 4/05/12