a.k.a. Belle's Catherine Merrick sings with The Posies Fall Pop Up Show Tour 2016

a.k.a. Belle's Catherine Merrick will be lending her versatile vocals to The Posie's for their return to Boise on November 18th, 2016!  Catherine was chosen from a handful of talented Boise vocalists last spring to perform with the band on the first round of their 2016 tour, and was lucky enough to be asked back for a 2nd time.   

"I was incredibly honored to be asked to sing with them the first time 'round - a little nervous, but really excited, mostly, to have the opportunity to work with them," says Catherine.  "And to have the chance to sing with them again is wonderful.  The experience was - and may well be again -  a little surreal, but they are totally delightful folks and made me feel very welcome." 

She adds, "For them to trust that I can sing their songs proficiently is a huge compliment in itself." 

The Posie's are continuing with their Pop Up Show Tour, following the release of "Solid States" - their 9th album. The Posies are doing a series of pop up shows in secret locations across North America this fall, similar to their spring US tour, with drummer Frankie Siragusa. Most of these shows will not be in clubs or bars; instead, each will be in a unique alternative venue in the city listed. The actual address of the shows will be released only to ticket holders not more than 24 hours in advance of the show. All shows are on sale now, and tickets are very limited! 

For the uninformed, The Posies are an American power pop group, who formed in Bellingham, Washington in the late '80's, featuring two forces of nature, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow.  Auer is a solo artist, with several releases of his own, and also a record producer. He has worked with bands such as You Am I, Monostereo, Cheap Star, Love Battery, Redd Kross, Truly, The Melismatics, and Tad (who, as many Idahoan's know, have their roots in Boise). 

In 2003, Auer and Ken Stringfellow released Private Sides, a six-song split EP (Arena Rock Recording Co./Rykodisc). Auer played guitar on the 2004 William Shatner record Has Been which was produced and arranged by Ben Folds.  Notably, in 1993, Stringfellow and Auer were recruited to join Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens for a Big Star reunion; Stringfellow and Auer performed and recorded with Big Star until Alex Chilton's death in 2010. Ken continues to perform in projects related to Big Star, including the ongoing series of "Big Star's Third" concerts.  In 1997 Stringfellow began a long association with R.E.M.. He performed with the band on world tours in 1999, 2003, 2004, and 2005, and appears on several R.E.M. records, including the Man on the Moon soundtrack, Reveal, and Around the Sun. 

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